Today, you are reading a guest post from a new friend. We met through a virtual community group from the ministry Leading and Loving It.  Antoine and Krissi Wyss are the campus pastors for The Harvest in Columbia, SC (NE campus). Krissi’s new blog can be found at I hope you enjoy Krissi’s post.

1. Having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell as a consequence
2. Showing no activity; dull and sluggish (

A stagnater is one who is stagnant. Here are three areas to check to find out if you are operating a tad bit sluggish:

1. Do I insist on “my” routine? Routines can be good, if it means getting things done. On the other hand, is my time so planned and confined that I close the door to my God-possibilities?

Another word for this is a rut. My husband picked up a quote about ruts. “What’s the difference between a rut and a grave? Depth.” Yup, one of his favorite (it’s a paraphrase of a quote attributed to Ellen Glasgow). It’s also a good word picture.

Routine is not all bad, but let’s stay open to God. Stay open to His possibilities. Take some uninterrupted time with Him. Keeping an eye peeled for the uninvited swamp water trickling in.

2. Do I take the time to worship with others? We are to spur one another on to good works by getting together to worship the Lord. Neglecting this will cause us to stand still, not just spiritually.

The Bible says that all of life flows out of the heart. Part of keeping our hearts right is connecting with others in The House. Church. Worship service. Gatherings. Whatever you want to call it. Let’s not neglect it.

One way to keep yourself accountable if making it to church is a problem is to join the team. Get involved. Hook up with the vision at your church. Not only is it a way to make friends, but you’ll be expected at church. That’s a good thing! Somebody will notice if you have a slacker week. They’ll ask where you’ve been. You’ll want to go and you’ll grow.

3. Do I insist on my way? Like the old saying goes: My way or the highway. Most of probably don’t consider this an issue most of the time. Maybe it’s not often an issue. However, by nature, humans are selfish. It is related to the fall of man. There is no cure, but Jesus.

The good news is that if you check yourself on this and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He will. If we live by our ideas, our way, our method, without being open to input, we’ll get stale. We are challenged by new ideas and strategies. This applies to everything from diaper-changing to organization-leading.

Challenge is good. It helps us think and stretch ourselves. Gets us away from the swamp. Allows us to trust the Lord as we try something new for the first time. That’s a good thing.

This list is obviously not all-inclusive. Just three simple questions you can ask yourself to get out or stay out of the swamp. You can get yourself into the river of life and all God has for you.