Needles Hwy, Custer State Park, South Dakota 2011

This last summer we took an All American family vacation. Seriously, we drove over 3600 miles, round trip,  to see Mt Rushmore, the beauty of the Black Hills and the Badlands. We saw so much of God’s creativity over those few weeks. Amazing.

Mountains, Desserts, Rivers, Prairie and Plateau …. there is so much creativity around all of us…..

It has me thinking about “God’s will”…. you know the questions that come into our lives…. Is this what God wants for my life? Is it His will for me to do this or that?

As I sat in the middle of His Majesty, surrounded by beauty and creativity; it truly is the things that songs are written about.  I don’t get it. I mean, I know God has a plan for me, I know it is great….. but do I think God’s plan could be as majestic as the mountains my family has and will climb?

We hope God wants to keep us all safe and secure and happy. Each day my girls get older, I begin to realize I don’t want to teach them to go to college, get a job, get married, go into debt….  where is the creativity in that? Now, maybe all of us aren’t the big adventurous types but I don’t doubt that God’s will for all of us is to live His plan fully, abundantly. I can bet that if we believed it could be more beautiful than the mountains He creates, we would all be living more in the tune of God’s will for our lives.

Now, when I am hiking with my girls, we talk about God’s creativity, about how he has value in each part of his creation. Then I tell them how much more they are loved by God. I will tell them about a plan, more creative and beautiful than that of any mountain. Hopefully my girls will grow up believing that the journey of their lives will be more beautiful than the mountains. (and maybe I will begin to believe it too.)


Revised from original post at Canvas Rhapsody, Canvas Church blog.