We have had a lot of instances recently that have paralyzed my daughter with fear.

As a mom it is about the worst thing to watch, a child who has always been fearless realize that there are things in life that are bigger than them. I am often torn between not having her push through or having her do the thing she is most afraid of.

Some of her fears are understandable, others just simply irrational.

I have the same fears. Things in my life that paralyze the simplest of decisions. Some are understandable, some are simply irrational.

Courage is lonely, because no one else can overcome our fears for us. I am a faithful woman and believe that my God is with me through all things. I believe he is my strength and power. I also believe that sometimes the things I want to do th most require a step of faith, I mean courage. We can know all the right answers and have great inspiration from our friends but it still comes down to our own personal decision to move.

Like Peter on the water, he alone had to make the decision to go. God called. Peter had to decide for himself if it was worth it. And God was there to lend him a hand the moment he needed help. I like knowing that God is there, that even though I have to make the decision on my own, He has called me and he will be there with me.

While the feeling of fear may always exist and even sometimes win, I hope I can teach my daughter that in her great steps of faith and courage her God will be there to see her through it.

Are you in a place where fear is paralyzing you? Are you ready to take that step of faith and trust God will be there with you?


Original post from Canvas Rhapsody, Canvas Church blog