Life seems to hand us constant beginnings: New life, new relationships, new jobs, new houses, babies and opportunities. Most beginnings only happen when there has been an ending. Some door had to be shut in order for another to open. And we seem to be living in the constant shove to see the ending. Ready for the new and the next.  We rush along, push through and find ourselves at the end…… sometimes more relieved the experience is over than taking any time to reflect on where the journey has brought us.

Between the beginning and the end, that is your story, that is our life. We won’t be defined by how many beginnings we had. And it won’t be about surviving to the end or just getting by until it is over. What did you do with the middle?

Did you love people along the way? Did you serve when it wasn’t expected? Laughed and found joy in the hardest moments?

The middle is what makes us whole. Completes us. In the beginning we celebrate and at the end we give thanks to move on.

We are in the middle. Are we in the moment, living fully in our journey?


Original post at the Canvas Church blog Canvas Rhapsody