Oh, Yes, I’m going to do it….. well, I am going to do my best to journal my gratitude for the entire month of November. I know, it’s cheesy, everyone’s doing it…. but really, Does it hurt to keep our perspective focused on the things we are grateful for one month? So, bear with me as I intentionally focus on the things I am grateful for.

Day 1:

I am grateful for Grace. I can’t earn it, I can’t get rid of it. It isn’t about how good or bad I am…. Grace is all about God. His desire to love us, redeem us and bring us into relationship with Him.

I believe in a living, personal God that gave the gift of Grace when his son came to die on the cross and bare my sins. I believe by saying that, I am given Grace and Mercy.

I know. Let me state that again. I KNOW that I would not have the life I have if God hadn’t intervened on my behalf. I KNOW that statistically speaking, my life doesn’t make sense. I KNOW I am a changed person because of God and God alone. I KNOW the word miracle as a personal, intimate description of the way God’s grace has wrecked the path this world said I should have been on. I KNOW I didn’t have anything to do with it. I KNOW I can’t repay it.

And whenever I pray, I first and always thank our Father for the grace to love me enough, to be jealous for me, for His sacrifice to pay for my debts.

“We believe that we are all saved by the same may, by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus.” Acts 15:11 (NLT)

What are you grateful for today?