We wear a lot of hats in life. Define ourselves in many ways. Nothing and I mean nothing is as life changing and amazing as the moment I became a mother.

I am thankful for motherhood.

I have been blessed with two of the most amazing daughters. (Don’t worry, I will be devoting a day to each of them) Today I want to express my gratefulness for the gift of motherhood itself.

I heard it said one time that being a mother is like having your heart walking around outside your body. I would totally have to agree with that statement. I am amazed at the capacity for love and pride that wells up when I look at my children. Every breath I breathe is in a hope and desire to see them have the best lives possible. I fear greater than any fear when I want to protect them. I would trade places in an instant if I knew it would take their pains away. If I could take ever heartache and pain and go through it for them, I would. Nothing creates more peace in my life than knowing they have everything they need.

I love teaching them and guiding them.

Motherhood has also brought me the most humbling moments in my life. It has taught me to ask for forgiveness, control my anger, give when I didn’t think it was deserved. I have learned that grace isn’t just words but a lesson I must teach my girls by living it out. I have learned that not everything is worth the fight and yes, sometimes I have had to give when I didn’t want to.

Being called mom reminds me that it is my job to parent. I must discipline, I must have boundaries, I must set limitations, I must set the example, I must be willing to fight for what I believe is best for my girls’ well being.

I have been given a great honor, greater than best friend or confidant, but I am MOM. I don’t get it right very often. I worry too much, stress about the little things, freak when it really isn’t necessary. I have forgotten when they needed me to remember. I have said Yes when I should have said No. But, I will spend every day fighting the good fight so my girls have the best foundation and become young ladies ready to take on whatever God has planned for them.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” Proverbs 31:28