Today I am grateful to be an American.

Everyday I go about a very ordinary existence. Today, I got up and made my coffee and got ready for my day. I had hot water, electricity, and wi-fi. I took my Jeep downtown, with a full tank of gas, and sat with a friend at the local Children’s hospital. (A sterile, clean, hospitable place full of knowledgable, educated professionals.) We sat in the waiting room with full vending machines and hot coffee. Volunteers and chaplains available for anxious family and friends.

I picked up my daughters and we went to lunch. No school today because of the elections. We laughed, enjoyed our hot food and splurged on ice cream cones.

I went to the local elementary school to cast my vote. I waited in line with a few hundred others. Everyone kind and patient. A little anxious as we all wait our turn to have our opinions count, our voices heard.

At home I checked my email, did a little research on my racing schedule for next year. Enjoyed some fun on twitter and Facebook. My oldest daughter was picked up by a friend to go to Cross Country practice. Ellie, my youngest and I started dinner. I had a last minute panic of having forgotten something for dinner. After a few text messages, Ellie and I ran to the store and picked up the last few items I needed. Back home, our dinner in the oven, Madi home from practice, homework folders checked, Ellie decides to make a treat for everyone.

My pantry is usually full of the odd item, including a box of Jiffy yellow cake mix, which is perfect for an Easy Bake oven. All American homemade meat loaf and mashed potatoes with real butter and milk. Topped off with personalized Easy Bake cakes.

Time for showers and girls off to their cozy, warm beds. A few stolen moments with the hubby as we watch the election coverage. A very ordinary (and yet truly extraordinary), American day.

I live a truly blessed and abundant life.