I am grateful for Chocolate Milk.

Let me be honest. My first thought was this: “I can’t wait until my kids stop spilling chocolate milk.” I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday…. deep cleaning, the kind that I hadn’t done during the last 3 months of my marathon training. The floor boards were nasty. The part of the kitchen where my kids sit most often to enjoy their after-school snacks was, lets just say, no longer the nice apartment white that it once was. So, I grumbled, and thought… “oh, there will come a day when they won’t always spill when they fill their glasses.” I must also inform you, I hate milk. I haven’t had a glass of milk since I was 8 years old. My girls on the other hand love it and drink it daily.

So there I am, selfishly complaining my way through the scrubbing. And, I am struck with a thought of a friend who recently lost her two-year old son to leukemia. And another reminder of how fast my girls are already growing up in front of my eyes. It is amazing how the heart can remind us to be grateful even in our selfishness….. so, I prayed instead, while I scrubbed the mess, I prayed for more opportunities for a kitchen full of laughter, for little girls and after-school snacks, for splashes and drips and chances to serve my beautiful girls.

Today, I am grateful for Chocolate Milk.