I love a good story.

My favorite stories are those told by friends. A story about an adventure or maybe something that they did. I love to hear how a mom has overcome the tantrum of a two-year old. Or, how a friend overcame breaking her leg while running a race. I love sharing in the sad stories, the happy stories, the ones that change lives and the ones that bring tears from so much laughter.

I am grateful for stories because stories are how we share life. They are the moments over coffee, on the phone, through email, in books and even our Facebook status that we share our triumphs and our failures. One story may move me to change my own life. Another one, brings me to reach out in love and kindness. I have been taught the art of forgiveness through stories. I have been shown unbelievable hope. I have felt tremendous anger. I have experienced courage and felt defeat in stories.

Today, I am grateful for stories.

What are you grateful for today?