We celebrated another great Cross Country season for my oldest daughter this week. It is exciting to see the kids’ hard work pay off. Madi received an award for being the toughest competitor. The greatest part of the evening was seeing Madi with her teammates and coaches. Laughter, friendship, jokes and memories. More memories than her heart will ever hold.

As a parent, more than all of the plaques and ribbons, I want my daughter’s lives to be full of moments that create character, build lifelong friendship and bring unmeasurable moments of joy. Being fast is great but the lessons that come from hard work and dedication are so much more valuable.

I am grateful to the coaches for creating a group of athletes as dedicated to self-improvement and team work as they are to character and integrity. Thank you for your time. Thank you for the care you take as we build up the next generation of not just athletes but young boys and girls on their way to being world changers.

Thank you Coach Chris, Coach Kelly, Mr. Schaefer & Knoxville Youth Athletics!!