gratefulI’m Sorry!! I’m sorry that sometimes I get so caught up in my routine, my life, my stuff that I don’t always see you. I’m sorry that I don’t notice that I set expectations on you, you meet them, and I never acknowledge them. I’m sorry that it is easier to point out what is wrong than appreciate all that is right.

To my husband who is faithful and loving, kind and compassionate. I am so grateful for you.

To my children who fill my home with laughter and joy greater than any I deserve, I am grateful for you.

To my friends who are there in the good and the bad, I appreciate you.

It’s been one of those days. It’s a good day. A very normal Monday. Routine. Except, news about another friends life not quite going the way it should, has made me look at my own life. I consider myself a pretty grateful person but let’s be honest. I take people for granted. I get so use to what my “normal” is, that I miss how much other people give to me. Somehow, it just becomes expected.

I expect my husband to be faithful, I don’t often tell him how much I appreciate the work it can be in our world to keep his eyes on me.

I expect my kids to be well-behaved, I don’t often tell them how much I appreciate the sacrifice it can be for them to follow the rules.

I expect my friends to be there when I need someone, I don’t often tell them how much I appreciate the time and energy it takes to invest in our friendship.

Truth is, I couldn’t do this thing called life if it wasn’t for my amazing husband, terrific kids and awesome friends. I appreciate you!! And, I am so sorry I don’t tell you.

Are you taking someone for granted today?