thankyouMost things in this life we earn. We work really hard at somethings. Give our best and we receive the reward.

Do you ever get impatient with it? I mean, you have worked really hard in what seems like forever and no one is noticing. Promotion isn’t coming, marriage is still not what you want, kids still misbehave. No one says anything to you. Is it worth it? Do you question why you do it?

I often get on my soapbox at home about how important it is to always put in your best effort. Study hard and you will do better on the test. Practice your instrument and it will become easier. Put in the training, go to practice and you will improve. It’s all about character in my mind. Does it work every time? No, it doesn’t. Sometimes you still fail at a test. Sometimes the friend you invested time in just isn’t the friend you needed.

Is it always about the end result? Is it just about the “bling”…. the big shiny medal you earn at the end?

Or is it about always giving your all, good or bad results, there is never a doubt you are being you. You give 100%. You practice when it’s time to practice. You persevere when it’s time to persevere. You volunteer to give back, not for the accolades.

Hard work is great. But, being a hard worker is better.

I worked really hard the last few months to finish well in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon 2-person relay. And yesterday, I earned two medals. I earned the race “bling,” which I love. Then I received what will forever be one of my favorite medals.

My good friend BJ finished his first 1/2 Marathon yesterday and he has worked really hard to get where he is today. When I crossed the finish line, he came up to me and gave me a “thank you” medal for inspiring him. I can’t say much, I’m not sure what I did exactly. I am still in awe. Because, I didn’t do anything, BJ did all of the work. I was just being me.

Sometimes our greatest victories are because of our character. Because, we choose to live positive lives. When you choose to give back regardless of the reward.

I know you and most people want to see change in the world around them. They want to see change in their families, they want to see change in community. Your families hope, your communities needs all start with you. You decide to be the change you want to see in the world and someday, you may just inspire. Or, you may never know who your life has affected but it should be worth it anyway. Because, it’s just you, being you.


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