press on

I’m not very good at it. I waiver constantly. I have the best of intentions in most areas of my life.

Dedication requires so much.

I started a 40 day program to read through the bible. I did great the first 20 days…. and now, I’m lost somewhere in the middle of the devotion. Going beyond the original 40 days I had committed to. I’m discouraged and frustrated. It takes so much time to read 30 chapters a day. Who’s idea was this?!  But, I press on.

Every week, I start out with the idea that I am going to eat clean. That usual lasts until about noon, right about the time my sugar addiction cries out for processed food. Or, busy…. I just get so busy, I don’t have time to eat real food. I’m discouraged and frustrated. It takes so much time to prepare every meal for myself and my family, to read every label, to change what we have always done. I will press on.

We have started a new financial plan at our house. Committed to the big dream versus our need for instant gratification. And right about the time we are invited to dinner with friends, a movie, a chance to run a race or spend time camping, we lose sight and forget the big picture. I’m discouraged and frustrated. It takes so much thought and discipline to change the way we have always done it. Who holds us accountable but us? I will press on.

We have kids. Two beautiful daughters. I promise to care for them for a lifetime. It’s hard. I fail constantly. Am I getting any of this right? Are they going to be ok? I’m tired and they just keep fighting back, don’t they know we have their best interests at heart? I’m discouraged and frustrated. They need me to stand my ground even when I have nothing left to give. I will press on.

We got married. Almost 19 years ago we made the promise to love and to cherish. It’s hard. Most days I love, I usually forget to cherish. Relationships are hard. For all the blessing there is just as much that needs to be given. Some days are good and I keep him as my priority just as I had promised. Some days aren’t and I put all the other things ahead of him, making even the smallest of tasks more important than investing in our time and relationship. I get discouraged and frustrated. I will press on.

Anything worth it, is worth the dedication. It’s worth the frustration, worth the days of discouragement. Life has got to be worth the fight. My marriage, my kids, my finances, my health, my devotion to the Word….. they are worth it. They are worth the days of aggravation and failure. They are worth the mountain tops and the valleys. And so, some days the real dedication is in the pressing on, when it’s hard to see through it all.

I promise to press on.