Do you ever feel like you are in an all out battle? Do you ever feel like you are fighting absolutely alone?

Everyone, yes everyone, is fighting a battle, has just been through a fight or will be in one soon.

If you’re alone, it’s your own fault.

Relationships are hard, I get it. Trust makes us vulnerable. Keeping people close enough to go into battle with us can often times mean sacrifices have been made along the way.

We are not meant to be alone and isolated from one another. If you think you can go it alone, you are deceiving yourself.

There is an account of Moses in Exodus 17 that reminds me over and over again that we are meant for community. God asks Moses to raise his staff, and he does. While he raises it high over his head the Israelites, led by Joshua, are winning their war. But every time he lowers his arms and staff, they begin to lose the battle. Moses is exhausted but must continue to raise his staff. Aaron and Hur come along side him. First they provided a rock for him to sit. As the day progressed, they each took a side and physically helped Moses keep his arms held high. When the battle had been won, Moses created an alter and named that place, God My Banner.

There has been a war in my life requiring me to raise my banner high, stand my ground and fight. I can’t always fight on my own. The exhaustion; physically, emotionally and spiritually takes it’s toll on me. And often times the weight is to heavy to bear.

The part of Moses’ story that I love is that his friends knew he needed them. He never said “get me a rock.” They saw his exhaustion. They had been friends and companions in life well enough to know what they needed.

We lie to ourselves when we do things alone. We fear hurt, shame, and vulnerability all the while missing the joys of accountability, love and support. We need each other.

I am so thankful for my dear friends. Their love, encouragement and sometimes just when they know I need a place of rest. Without you, my dear friends, I couldn’t carry the load I bear. But, you are here and you make me stronger. I love you.

And don’t forget, sometimes, you will be given a chance to help carry a friends burdens. Be there.