I absolutely love this quote:

So I’m a mess and we’re all failures — at least all the honest are. And the truth is, no one ever runs before they take baby steps. ~A Holy Experience

Everything worth having or doing starts with the simple things. The baby steps, the small pieces, the moments when no one is looking, they all matter.

Everyone has the big picture in mind. The 30 lbs lost, the written book, the promotion at work, the kids that become responsible adults, the marriage that lasts to 25 and then 50 years….. I would tell you all of mine but I don’t want to run out of things to say on only the second day of the year.

Sometimes our need for instant gratifications overwhelms us with disappointment and we don’t press on. We don’t want to invest the time and energy to see the big things happen. Afraid that it just doesn’t come easy enough so we must be on the wrong path.

Let me be honest here, my greatest accomplishments have always come from my greatest failures. They come from the stumbles and the falls. They come from rest and reflection. The moments when I take a step back, stop rushing and controlling, then take the time to see all of the steps that need to be taken.

I have so far to go in so many areas of my life. So many things I have hope for.

Tonight, as our family sat together putting together a Lego Tie Fighter, I was reminded at the steps that needed to be taken to accomplish our goal. We had all of the right pieces, everyone responsible for a specific duty, waiting to be placed in the right spot. Because, if we rush, if we hurry, if we do it completely on our own, we’ll get it wrong.

Patience, Trust, Teamwork, Instruction….. all necessary to see things through to the end.

What would you add? What baby steps have you been through that have seen you through to your greatest accomplishments?