I love football. Pretty much everything about the game is awesome.

I came in 1st in one of my fantasy football leagues, which makes me a happy girl.

But, tonight my team lost. My beloved Green Bay Packers didn’t win. It’s sad and disappointing. And now we wait to try again next fall.

There is a lesson in the loss. Disappointment, sure. But, it is often in loss that we find our weakness.

In our weakness, we can discover our strengths.

I have had plenty of opportunity for loss, plenty of chances to discover my own weakness. And I will have many more. In my own life, I have discovered that through faith my greatest source of strength can be found.

I believe that is is through Jesus Christ that all strength is found. And more often than not it is in my weakest moments that I learn to rely on my God for all that He has promised.

Even when we lose, not all is lost.