The sounds in our home can be absolutely crazy. My 8 yr old got a karaoke machine for Christmas, enough said.

Really though, think about the sounds that are heard in your home. The words that are spoken over the phone. The sounds of meals being prepared, the laundry being dried, maybe a treasured pet napping in a sunny spot. Foot steps up and down the stairs while someone sings off key in the shower.

Tonight my heart overflowed with joy when I heard my husband explaining algebra to our teenager. I took the picture above and I don’t think either one noticed. And to be honest maybe not every equation lesson is committed to her memory. But, you could put together a formula for what she’ll have with her the rest of her life.

Louder than the math vocabulary, Madi’s heart was being spoken to. Her dad was telling her she had value, she is worth the time, and she will find help when she’s in need.

What sounds do you hear in your home? What are they telling you? What are they telling the ones you love?