Jesus Calling for Kids_SelectDo you read a daily devotional with your family, children?

Ted and I have been going through the Jesus Calling for Kids devotion the last few weeks. I am so excited about this little book. It has already blessed our family, and it has only been 14 days.

I love that it is simple enough, everyone can read and participate. Even our youngest is engaged and ready to talk about what we have read.

It has started great conversations around the dinner table. Yes, we read it around the table. It works a little better for us than the bedtime routine might for others.

I have the Kindle addition so everyone in the family has their own copy on their own electronic. This has been great in engaging the kids on their own time.

Each days devotions are short and sweet. Simple and conversational. The devotions have also challenged us. Yesterdays devotion talked about taking the easy road or the hard road. We all talked about a time that day where we chose what was easy over what may have been harder, but better. Such great conversation.

This book is highly recommended by me. I’m looking forward to continuing through it this year.

What are you reading right now?