Take a moment to find what state you are in. Not how you feel but where you truly are.

Are you in a state of bliss?
A state of healing?
Maybe a state of grief and mourning?

Not how you feel. Our feelings can be so deceiving. We may be grieving and tired of the pain and so we bury it all. We don’t see we are meant to be there, to grieve and travel through that time in our lives.

Sometimes, the state of healing doesn’t feel like healing. It feels like someone has just ripped off the bandaid and exposed our wounds. But without being exposed it will never heal.

Have you ever felt that voice in the back of your head that tells you something bad is about to happen, maybe it’s really all too good to be true. And there you are, completely missing your state of blessing because of feelings of fear.

We so desperately need to learn to be honest with ourselves. We need to know exactly where we are. Only then can we know where we are going.