Why is it so easy to lose momentum with good habits?

As you can see, my challenge to write for 30 straight days has hit a 3 day bump in the road. Sorry about that.

But, it does make me wonder…. Once I missed one day, it was easy to miss two. But I had gone 15 days, why was day 16 so difficult.

I’m not one for excuses. But it does interest me. Here are my thoughts on why my laziness won the snowball fight, so to speak.

1. I didn’t have a real plan. I should pick a specific time each day to write. Laziness always wins when I put it off for the end of the day.

2. I didn’t give my goal a purpose that made it more important than other things I could be doing.

So, what causes you to loose momentum when you’re working in a goal? What do you do to get back on track?