I have this garbage can in my master bathroom and I hate it. I bought it on clearance 7 years ago. It has this strange lid that if you hit just right, flips over and becomes a bowl.

And when it’s a bowl, instead of everything falling into the garbage bag, garbage collects on the top.

I believe our boxer puppy thinks it’s a dirty cotton swab dispenser. He’s a dog, don’t judge. Some day he’ll hack up enough of those bad boys to realize they are not a treat.

So, this garbage can, that’s useless at containing garbage still has residence in my bathroom, for 7 years. Causing enough aggravation to write a blog. Of coarse, I still haven’t added get a new bathroom garbage can to my to-do list.

Isn’t crazy how we get so use to things? Like my garbage, things cause frustrations and we never take the simple steps to change it. Maybe it’s the time or the money. Some times it’s just our normal and change is too far from our reality.

What’s causing you aggravation right now? What would it take to change?