February has officially begun and I have started my second 30 day challenge for the year. January was not a complete success; I only made it 18 days of the 30 days of writing. Don’t worry, I’ll try again.

I’m going to start small and yet big for February, hoping to break bad habits to start new ones.

Sometimes I paralyze myself by not knowing where to start. There is truly so much to do to have things the way I “want” them. I’m smart enough to know that change doesn’t happen over night. I know that failure is part of the process and so is the endurance to keep on even when it all seems to be a catastrophe.


My REAL mess.

I keep everything, when it comes to paper. I stack and stack and stack, until I dump it all in a box and start over again. I keep paper I don’t need and never file the important things. I don’t want my children to be throwing away 20-year-old coupons when they move me into a retirement home. My mother collected paper, her mother collected paper and yes, when we cleaned out my great grandmothers house, we threw away stacks of 20-30 year old newspapers.

The What: Organize the Paper Clutter in my home.

The Why: Paper paralyzes me. It’s time to get over this. I deserve better.

The How: One day at a time. Creating a daily plan. Enlisting the help of others. Pray before I work and overcome any shame or guilt that discourages progress. Find my strengths in other areas where I am organized and well prepared, use those skills to create new habits with my paper.