When do you start? When do you make time?

Goals are funny things. They need a place in your priorities. The little steps you need to take to get where you are going ask for dedication.

Today was a hard day. I knew I had time to make a good dent in my clutter. I poured my coffee and stood paralyzed.

You see, just because I want to clear out the paper, I still have a lot of other things that need to be done. My primary responsibility is taking care of my home for my husband and children. No one is going to step in and take care of these things for me. Well, not unless I ask for help.

My clutter-clean-up goes in cycles. I’ve been here before. I’ve cleaned, sorted and shredded. What am I going to do different? How am I going to make it stick?

All the hope in the world isn’t going to change a lifetime of really bad habits. I have to do it differently. And I need to think differently about it.

I put aside some of my usual tasks to stay “on-task.” Compromises have to be made. A few tears were shed. I asked for help from my family. Asking for help is humbling and pride busting. Needing people is healing.

I made huge progress today. I’m using binders to help give everything a place and purpose. My husband is going to start checking the mail and throwing out the junk before it gets in the house.

I cleared two major piles and 3 boxes. I also cleaned out my coupon binder that had expired coupons from 2011. Lord, help me!!

I also made dinner, did laundry, picked up kids from school, went to the recycling center and grocery store, ran 5 miles and made it to yoga.

My next step goal: Open every piece of mail immediately.

What little thing have you done today to take a step closer to your goals? Have you asked for help?