Reduction_GearHave you ever watched gears turn?

My girls used to have these magnetic plastic gears. They would line up the teeth and create an enormous moving machine across the front of our refrigerator. Sometimes they would work perfectly and other times, not so much. They would be rearranged and worked on for a while to create the perfect moving machine.

Sometimes they would just spin the one large piece with the handle. But, it wasn’t impressive, it didn’t really do anything on its own.

Our own dreams and goals can work this way. We hold the one large piece, our beginning. We begin to move the piece in circles, creating energy. But, it has nowhere to go, no place to move the momentum, except in a perfect circle. In order for our goals to become the machine or life we want to be living, we have to connect the cogs, teeth, of the gears.

Each gear representing a piece or part of the working whole. If we miss a piece, we have to go back to the beginning and start over in order to find the missing gear. I can’t tell you how many dreams have started out with amazing energy and intention but get lost. I lose motivation when I can’t seem to get all of the pieces to fit.

As I continue my journey to clutter free my home, I am trying to get all of the pieces to move together. I can’t just take the first piece, throw away the paper and never move on from there. The goal is bigger than that. I want to live clutter free for the rest of my life not just long enough to get through March just to let the mail pile up again in April.

One of the steps I have taken is meal planning. What in the world does that have to do with clutter?! Well, it’s part of a bigger picture. It’s about the whole. No more unused coupons stacking up. No more exhausted afternoons with no plan on how to feed the family. We are also taking a better grasp on our finances, which means having a plan. No more unopened mail. A budget and purpose to all of the pennies that come into our hands.

I have been meal planning for three weeks and this is how I know it creates momentum. I am saving us more money. I am feeding my family better, which is a passion of mine. The better eating has given me more energy for my marathon training. Less rushed eating out means more time around the table with my husband and kids.

What was I saying about momentum?

The entire purpose of a gear is to transmit power. I want all of my gears, all of the parts to create the life I want, completely. Full of power and momentum. A strong machine capable and available to make my dreams a reality.