Steep Hill, LincolnPart of my training includes a weekly dose of hill repeats.  As a runner, hill repeats are like going to the gym, they make us stronger and help us work on our turnover and stride……


“Try and stay focused on the goal. “

Over and over, to the top and back down again. The gravel is loose. It’s cold. This hurts. 11 more, 10 more, 9 more……


“It’s going to hurt, but only for a minute.”


I seem to stop breathing as I push up the last half of the hill, causing my legs to feel heavier, carrying more burdens with no oxygen to give them strength.  Pain is truth.


My training constantly teaches me things about my real self. How easy is it to get distracted by the pain and repetition and lose focus on the goal, at the top? How many times have I felt the pain of the same road under my feet? How often do I stop breathing right when I need the most strength? How often do I give up because it isn’t easy?


Life will call us to the hill repeat many times. Often we find ourselves at the bottom, collecting our thoughts to begin the journey once again. Haven’t I already done this? Yes, you probably have. But are you getting stronger? Can you focus on the goal? Can you see the top, can you see where you are headed? Or, are you distracted by all of the obstacles along the way?