20140306-142442.jpgWhy do you think most churches are doing away with women’s ministry?

Statistically speaking, more women go to church than men. And there is a trend showing that more churches have a decidedly feminine feel to them. But, at an alarming rate, more and more churches offer less in the way of developing spiritual growth in women.

Can I be honest? We are our own worse enemy. We often times destroy the very things we love. We allow our personal insecurities lead us to deceitful behaviors. Lust, gossip, petty competition, and unnecessary comparison corrupt the very foundations of a body of believers.

Ladies, I want to challenge you. Examine your life. What are your motives? Are you choosing to glorify Christ? It is a choice we make every day. And it’s not the popular way to live. Choosing to put our flesh aside is a difficult calling. The world will justify your hate, excuse your anger, and indulge your senses. But ask yourself, “Am I about Kingdom business or my own business?”.

It starts with us. One chance to forgive, an opportunity to love, show mercy and grace when it’s undeserved, to lift up and encourage the strengths and gifts of others, to help with out judgement, to give without expectation……..

Where will you begin?

How can we be different here?