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Am I Destroying What I Love?

20140306-142442.jpgWhy do you think most churches are doing away with women’s ministry?

Statistically speaking, more women go to church than men. And there is a trend showing that more churches have a decidedly feminine feel to them. But, at an alarming rate, more and more churches offer less in the way of developing spiritual growth in women.

Can I be honest? We are our own worse enemy. We often times destroy the very things we love. We allow our personal insecurities lead us to deceitful behaviors. Lust, gossip, petty competition, and unnecessary comparison corrupt the very foundations of a body of believers.

Ladies, I want to challenge you. Examine your life. What are your motives? Are you choosing to glorify Christ? It is a choice we make every day. And it’s not the popular way to live. Choosing to put our flesh aside is a difficult calling. The world will justify your hate, excuse your anger, and indulge your senses. But ask yourself, “Am I about Kingdom business or my own business?”.

It starts with us. One chance to forgive, an opportunity to love, show mercy and grace when it’s undeserved, to lift up and encourage the strengths and gifts of others, to help with out judgement, to give without expectation……..

Where will you begin?

How can we be different here?


Take Out The Garbage

I have this garbage can in my master bathroom and I hate it. I bought it on clearance 7 years ago. It has this strange lid that if you hit just right, flips over and becomes a bowl.

And when it’s a bowl, instead of everything falling into the garbage bag, garbage collects on the top.

I believe our boxer puppy thinks it’s a dirty cotton swab dispenser. He’s a dog, don’t judge. Some day he’ll hack up enough of those bad boys to realize they are not a treat.

So, this garbage can, that’s useless at containing garbage still has residence in my bathroom, for 7 years. Causing enough aggravation to write a blog. Of coarse, I still haven’t added get a new bathroom garbage can to my to-do list.

Isn’t crazy how we get so use to things? Like my garbage, things cause frustrations and we never take the simple steps to change it. Maybe it’s the time or the money. Some times it’s just our normal and change is too far from our reality.

What’s causing you aggravation right now? What would it take to change?

Snowball Effect

Why is it so easy to lose momentum with good habits?

As you can see, my challenge to write for 30 straight days has hit a 3 day bump in the road. Sorry about that.

But, it does make me wonder…. Once I missed one day, it was easy to miss two. But I had gone 15 days, why was day 16 so difficult.

I’m not one for excuses. But it does interest me. Here are my thoughts on why my laziness won the snowball fight, so to speak.

1. I didn’t have a real plan. I should pick a specific time each day to write. Laziness always wins when I put it off for the end of the day.

2. I didn’t give my goal a purpose that made it more important than other things I could be doing.

So, what causes you to loose momentum when you’re working in a goal? What do you do to get back on track?

What State Are You In

Take a moment to find what state you are in. Not how you feel but where you truly are.

Are you in a state of bliss?
A state of healing?
Maybe a state of grief and mourning?

Not how you feel. Our feelings can be so deceiving. We may be grieving and tired of the pain and so we bury it all. We don’t see we are meant to be there, to grieve and travel through that time in our lives.

Sometimes, the state of healing doesn’t feel like healing. It feels like someone has just ripped off the bandaid and exposed our wounds. But without being exposed it will never heal.

Have you ever felt that voice in the back of your head that tells you something bad is about to happen, maybe it’s really all too good to be true. And there you are, completely missing your state of blessing because of feelings of fear.

We so desperately need to learn to be honest with ourselves. We need to know exactly where we are. Only then can we know where we are going.

Sweet and Simply Perfect

Jesus Calling for Kids_SelectDo you read a daily devotional with your family, children?

Ted and I have been going through the Jesus Calling for Kids devotion the last few weeks. I am so excited about this little book. It has already blessed our family, and it has only been 14 days.

I love that it is simple enough, everyone can read and participate. Even our youngest is engaged and ready to talk about what we have read.

It has started great conversations around the dinner table. Yes, we read it around the table. It works a little better for us than the bedtime routine might for others.

I have the Kindle addition so everyone in the family has their own copy on their own electronic. This has been great in engaging the kids on their own time.

Each days devotions are short and sweet. Simple and conversational. The devotions have also challenged us. Yesterdays devotion talked about taking the easy road or the hard road. We all talked about a time that day where we chose what was easy over what may have been harder, but better. Such great conversation.

This book is highly recommended by me. I’m looking forward to continuing through it this year.

What are you reading right now?

What Do You Hear


The sounds in our home can be absolutely crazy. My 8 yr old got a karaoke machine for Christmas, enough said.

Really though, think about the sounds that are heard in your home. The words that are spoken over the phone. The sounds of meals being prepared, the laundry being dried, maybe a treasured pet napping in a sunny spot. Foot steps up and down the stairs while someone sings off key in the shower.

Tonight my heart overflowed with joy when I heard my husband explaining algebra to our teenager. I took the picture above and I don’t think either one noticed. And to be honest maybe not every equation lesson is committed to her memory. But, you could put together a formula for what she’ll have with her the rest of her life.

Louder than the math vocabulary, Madi’s heart was being spoken to. Her dad was telling her she had value, she is worth the time, and she will find help when she’s in need.

What sounds do you hear in your home? What are they telling you? What are they telling the ones you love?

Ramble On

The 12th has come and gone…. But, I’m still here. Still determined to fill a page with my thoughts every day for 30 days.

What’s on my mind tonight?! This question came up and has the wheels in my mind turning:

What are you so passionate about that you would do it knowing you would most likely fail?

I am a failure-aphobe. I like to do the things I already know I’m good at. But, to try and fail and try and fail, passionately in pursuit of my dreams…..I want to live that fearlessly.

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