I am a fan of the “rip it off” method for removing Band-Aids. I prefer the quick intense pain over the small hair pulling of the more patient Band-Aid removal. Actually, I think in all of life, I prefer the quick intense pain over the long drawn out type.

Have you ever had to go through something that just seemed to take forever?  I mean really, wondered why it couldn’t be going so much quicker.

A few months ago I started the book, So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore. I’ll admit it, I loved the idea that she announced from the beginning, “freedom from insecurity” and healing, real healing available. It has been a blessing to my soul to know that insecurity isn’t a way of life but truly something that can be overcome.

Apparently, the healing from insecurity doesn’t include the “rip it off” method. It takes time, and a lot of small steps. Just when I think I have a grasp of this, there turns out to be another Band-Aid under the one I just removed.  

I am healing. Not yet completely healed but in the process. And yes, there is pain involved, I won’t lie. But, I want the healing. I am ready to be in this process for as long as it may take.  There will be a slight scar left behind as a reminder of this process.  I wanted to “rip it off,” but instead I am learning to appreciate the time it takes to truly overcome. Time builds the character to never go back to where I once was.

Ever wish you could use the “rip it off” Band-Aid method when it comes to healing?


Originally posted on the Canvas Church  blog Canvas Rhapsody