Early in the morning the fog lays low on the lake. Sometimes it is so heavy, you can barely see the hand in front of your face. My girls say, it’s like running in the clouds.

Running in the clouds makes me think about how people tell dreamers to get their heads out of them. How, for some reason being a dreamer makes you less grounded and less secure. How is a path with less clouds a better plan?

Running my journey through clouds reminds me that I have to trust my instincts to get through. Sometimes, it is wet and cold and I am unrepaired. There are even times I consider turning around and coming back when the path is more clear. And then, I can smell the sweet scent of jasmine, moments before I ever see it and I keep pushing forward.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it is a trail covered in morning fog or a life’s journey covered in dreams. Dreamers don’t need to see the end of the trail, they experience the moments. Dreamers can smell, taste and hear what is to come before it is experienced by anyone else. Dreamers are ready for the adventure, ready to live beyond the expectations.

Do you run in the clouds or wait for the path to clear?