Do you ever find yourself disappointed when someone hasn’t met your expectation?

Yesterday, I set out with an expectation that I assumed someone I love would meet. They had before. They let me down and I was so disappointed it brought me to tears. I felt let down and frustrated. Angry and hurt. How could they not get it? …..well, maybe, I didn’t tell them. I mean I didn’t even give them a hint of my expectation. More often than I care to admit, I would say my disappointments come from expectations that I have never communicated with someone. Why is it so hard to say to someone what we need from them? Why do we wait until the disappointment and anger comes before we ever face our expectation?

I also do the opposite, I mean when it comes to God, I don’t like to set expectations. Sometimes I don’t ask or pray for my needs or hopes or expectations because I am afraid of being disappointed. What if God doesn’t meet my expectations? I know God is big enough, I know His promises, I know God has my best interest at heart. But, sometimes I am afraid to step out and really “expect” the promises of God.