My daughter drew this sign a while ago and placed it outside our sunroom door. “The Awesome People Only,” it says, declaring the space as some sort of club for all people she decides are awesome. Luckily her dad and I are still allowed in the club.

I don’t know though if at 11 years old she understands that by only allowing some people in, you are leaving a lot of people out.

This makes me think about myself and everyone I know. I think we all have a sign or maybe a few that declares who and exactly what type of people we plan on letting into our lives. Some of us exclaim with our lives the sign of Keep Out!! to anyone who has the potential to cause harm. I know through the filters of a life full of experience we can proclaim who exactly is allowed into our spaces. Sometimes it is simply the fear of the unknown that creates the signs we post.

There are a lot of reasons we can tell someone to stay out. Sometimes we have so many signs that no one is really allowed in anymore.

I wonder what we are missing when we allow hurt, pain, grief, unforgiveness, bitterness and preconceived ideas to shape our spaces? It is no wonder so many of us feel alone.

What are your signs (who are you keeping out)? What would you have to do to tear some of them down (let some people in)?