Most of my days begin in the most awesome way. My dear hubby, who leaves for work about two hours before I even think about crawling out of bed, gives me a kiss. It isn’t terribly romantic and I am usually not awake. But my heart rejoices in knowing he takes a moment in his morning routine to think of me. That simple act of affection tells me that I am important and a priority to him.

About a year ago, my friend Sara and I challenged each other to spend a few extra moments each day with God. Neither of us are morning people but both of us felt called to give the first part of our day to Him. How do we make this work?

First Fruits is what we have called it. Acknowledging the first part of our day as belonging to God. I am a big fan of setting myself up for small successes. This is one thing in my personal time that has worked out quite well. There isn’t much to it. I relate it to the way I feel when my husband kisses me in the morning. My first fruits are a kiss to God, a moment to acknowledge Him as a priority to my day. It is a simple moment of affection.

I set my alarm about 15 min earlier than I use to. I check the email on my phone for the daily devotion that has come into my inbox. I rarely read the devotion but I read the Word. Usually, a short sentence or two of scripture to read and then I pray. I tell God how thankful I am for Him, I tell Him how much I love Him. No petition, no conversation, no expectations. Just a kiss, to let Him know He is my priority today.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. ~Jesus (Mark 12:30)

We are about to start an 8 week series on prayer during our Wednesday night Growth Track at Canvas Church. I love prayer. I don’t think we do it enough, don’t set ourselves up to be successful. Do you think a prayer life can start with something as simple as giving first fruits?