In January I wrote a post about Determination during 2011. I specifically mentioned 10 things I resolve to do this year. My idea today is to break down resolution number one and hopefully over the next few weeks, looking more deeply into all 10. By making a point to know and understand my resolutions, maybe they will have a better opportunity of become a reality.

Have you ever hurt anyone? I’m not saying on purpose. Or maybe it was.Ever used harsh words, unkind actions, made intentionally bad decisions that affected someone you care about? Sometimes, even, done or said something that caused someone pain and you didn’t even know about it. Confession: I have done all of the above. 

And the hardest thing about it, is asking for forgiveness. Admitting fault, putting on my big girl pants and hoping to make amends.

Ever ask for forgiveness and not receive it? Ever been held accountable for something you didn’t even know you did?

Power without love is reckless and abusive….. Power at it’s best is love implementing the demands of justice. Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Wielding the power to forgive or not to forgive is a decision everyone will make. We will all be hurt unnecessarily. We will be in the path of someone’s angry words, harsh actions and bad decisions. My hope this year is that I can use the power of forgiveness in love. I resolve to give the kind of justice that was handed to me by my God.

I am going to let go of the opportunity to hold a hurt over someone’s head. I’m not going to let anger make decisions for me. I am not going to decide that my system of justice is better than God’s. I am going to lovingly forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it.

This isn’t going to be easy. I am going to want someone to hurt as much as I hurt. I am going to want someone to feel the pain I feel. I will want someone to be held responsible for their actions. That is why, the power of forgiveness is so huge. That is why this will not only free someone to know love, it will also change me.

Can you resolve to let go?