I was thinking today about purpose. As a Christian, I do my best to get up each day and focus on the things I feel God has led me to. I try to focus on God’s purpose, not my own.

Sometimes, that doesn’t work. I worry too much about other things, selfish things.


There really is nothing better for refocusing than to remember why we do the things we do. What is it that inspired you? What changed you? What was the spark that changed the rest of your life?

I wonder if Paul ever had to remember. I wonder if in the midst of his ministry if he felt discouraged. Did he remember the moment Jesus spoke to him? Do you think the memories encouraged him? Did it give him the power to keep moving forward? Did it help him stay focused in the midst of distractions and persecution?

Sometimes, I forget to remember.

I want to remember….. God told me one day that he had bigger plans for me. A plan that is better than all my getting, doing and being. He told me he loved me. He gave me grace, mercy and purpose. I want to be so consumed by the memories of His goodness that purpose isn’t something I strive to achieve but it is the way I live.