Today was one of those days. You know, where being in bed is better than anything else you could have planned. I wanted to stay there all snuggled up.

I could have. No one would have known any different. I didn’t have anyone expecting me anywhere until 11am. I could have stayed in bed.

I didn’t.

I got up, put my running clothes on and headed out the door with my  protein bar in hand.

22 degrees, wind, cold. Who’s idea was this? Why do I do this again? Questioning my sanity often enters into this internal dialogue.  This is what I was thinking about today while I ran.


I know, it is an ugly word. One that has very few friends. It is better related to words like discomfort, pain, and change. But, as life as taught me, there are very few ways to achieve the things you desire in life. Discipline happens to be a part of every dream.

I want to run a marathon. No one is making me do it. And, if I really wanted to I could show up on April 30 hoping to finish the race. I could have stayed in bed today. No one would have known. But, discipline gets me up. The baby steps to achieve the great things in life come from getting up when no one else is making you do it.

Today when I was running, the cold wind was making my eyes water and then freeze to my cheeks. It wasn’t fun. It was actually the compete opposite. But, I did it. I ran today and I am now more prepared from my dream than when I got up this morning.

No one else knows what we desire. No one else knows how much you wish to achieve. No one else is going to make you do it. What do you do when the only thing left to do is discipline?