Determined to do something; is the definition of resolve. Is that how you would define your resolutions?

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. New Beginnings. Opportunity surrounds you with the chance to be all you have dreamed of being. Are you planning to lose a few pounds, start taking the classes you have always said you were going to take, pick up that new hobby or learn a new language? Maybe it’s bigger for you: overcome an addiction, free yourself from the bondage of pornography, resolve to reconcile with a spouse, or spend more time with your children.

There seems to be a growing belief that making resolutions doesn’t work. So we make up new buzz words;  this year the word is committment. “What are you committing to do in 2011?” It seems to me there is one common denominator and it doesn’t matter how we package it: we set ourselves up to fail. Determination is rarely the way we would define our resolutions. How do we do it differently? How do we change the way we have always done things? Change our perspective. Become determined about who you are.

Here is my list of resolutions this year. My thought is that each of the things I do in 2011 will line up with one of these values in my life.

1)Forgive someone who doesn’t deserve it. You will immediately change someones life by letting go.

2)Compromise. Ask yourself if being right is more important than the relationship. Sometimes we just gotta let go.

3)Invest time & energy into your potential. And in the potential of those around you. See the possibilities.

4) Commit to your commitments. Give 100% to 10 things not 10% to 100 things. It is ok to say NO.

5) Find opportunities to succeed and potentially  fail. Know how great you are & give yourself the chance to learn.

6) Enjoy the journey. Laughter, tears, joy, heartache, overcoming & pain. All of it is your story to tell, don’t miss it.

7) Prioritize. Know the things that are important to you. The way you spend your time tells more of your priorities than words alone.

8) Give without expectation. Be willing to give time, money, resources to those who can’t repay you.

9) Be a part of community. Have a place where masks are taken off  and you can be you. Create a place of love, acceptance & accountability.

10) Live Passionately. Life is an adventure. Don’t let the world cookie cut you. Live your adventure.

How can you change your perspective? Can you define your resolution with determination? What values will define you in 2011?

This post, Determination, was original posted on the Canvas Church blog Canvas Rhapsody.